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Pick, Pack & Co-Packing

Pick, Pack & Co-Packing

Confederation Freezers offers a variety of on-premise Pick & Pack and Co-packing services across Canada. We can repackage products to create either larger or smaller pack formats.

● Some examples of Pick & Pack and Co-packing services we offer are:

  ○ Multi Packs (Club Packs, Bulk Packs, Variety Packs)

  ○ Display units (corrugate, display ready pallets etc.)

  ○ Gift Boxes

  ○ Repacking cases to eaches for direct to consumer Shipping/Fulfillment services are also available

  ○ Repacking, Relabeling, Rebranding

● Our co-packing services can be customized to meet your needs. For more information on our co-packing services please click here / contact XXXXXXX

● Confederation Freezers can also reconfigure pallet loads. Most product arrives to us in full pallet quantities. Confederation Freezers can reconfigure these pallets to your, or your customers, specifications such as partial pallets or case quantities.

Case Study How to handle a recall

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A major producer of luncheon meats had a portion of its products across Canada recalled by the CFIA due to listeria contamination. They needed someone to collect and store the products in a separate storage area. This was the perfect job for Confederation Freezers.

Case Study

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